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PR Lotion is the sports lotion you apply before your sport that helps you get more from every workout and adventure, and recover faster so that you can come back strong the next day. We guarantee that PR Lotion will give you the ability to push your body further. It’s uniquely engineered to use bicarb to neutralize acid that builds up in your muscles when you train hard. Trusted by the world's top pros and built for all of us passionate about reaching our personal victory.

What Is PR Lotion?

Current MTB World Champion


"I noticed an immediate difference and made PR Lotion part of my training routine and race day prep for the entire season. I'm able to train harder and for more consecutive days which makes a difference in my fitness. From getting through the grueling Cape Epic to my last race at the World Championships, it's been a part of helping me push my limits."

IRONMAN World Championship Top 10

Cam Wurf

"PR Lotion is a game changer and has rapidly become my poor form preventer. Looking back on my most successful and consistent year as a sportsman, PR Lotion has been my go to for key workouts and Ironmans, keeping me performing at my optimal from January to December." 

16 Time National Champion

Joseph Gray

"PR Lotion allows me to push my muscles past their normal point of fatigue which gives me the opportunity to truly test my limits and train at a higher level."

11 FIS Alpine World Cup Podiums

Steven Nyman

"When I first used PR lotion, I blew my numbers away mountain biking so I decided to try with skiing. I now use PR Lotion in my training and races and it allows me to take several more runs at a high level than I usually do. I'm amazed by how it feels!"

Drentse Acht van Westerveld Winner

Alexis Ryan

"I’ve been able to push past my previous physical limits and improve week after week. I honestly believe that would not have been possible without the help of PR Lotion."

3 time Olympian & 15 time U.S. Champion

Todd Wells

"I originally wanted to keep PR Lotion quiet and not let anyone in on the secret but the product is just too good to keep under wraps. PR Lotion has virtually eliminated "bad leg" days for me. It's like free fitness. I feel the same while riding at my threshold but I'm going a little bit faster”


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