Lucy Charles-Barclay

Lucy Charles-Barclay

Pro Triathlete, two-time Ironman Worlds runner-up
Cameron Wurf

Cameron Wurf

1st place in 2017 Ironman Wales and Ironman Kalmar
AMP Human Performance Ambassador - Matt Russell

Matt Russell

2018 IRONMAN World Championships and 8x IRONMAN Top 3 Finisher

Amp Human Ambassador - Alicia Kaye

Alicia Kaye

3x IRONMAN top 5 finisher, 2x qualifier for IRONMAN World Championships
Amp Human Ambassador - Brent McMahon

Brent McMahon

4X IRONMAN champion, 2X Olympic triathlete
AMP Human Performance Ambassador - Andrew Talansky

Andrew Talansky

Top 3 Tour of California 2017, top 10 Tour de France 2013

AMP Human Performance Ambassador - Jarrod Shoemaker

Jarrod Shoemaker

3x USA Triathlon Olympic/ITU Athlete of the Year and 2x USA Triathlon Elite National Champion
Amp Human Ambassador - Jenny Fletcher

Jenny Fletcher

4x IRONMAN top 10 finish and 4th overall elite amateur in US Open Lifetime Fitness Championships