Our Athletes

Our mission is to help athletes take their bodies beyond where they've been before. Our athletes are an integral part of who we are and how we develop new products. They inspire us to think outside the box and look at sport in unconventional ways.

Alongside our athletes, the best NFL, NHL, NBA teams, world record holders and universities are also early adopters of PR Lotion.

Cameron Heath

Cameron Heath

Professional hockey player with the South Carolina Stingrays
Blake Bolden

Blake Bolden

Professional hockey player for the Buffalo Beauts (NWHL).
AMP Human Performance Ambassador - Alexis Ryan

Alexis Ryan

1st place Acht van Westerveld and Stage 1 Tour de l'Ardeche among many other notable podium wins in 2018

AMP Human Performance Ambassador - Jarrod Shoemaker

Jarrod Shoemaker

3x USA Triathlon Olympic/ITU Athlete of the Year and 2x USA Triathlon Elite National Champion
AMP Human Performance Ambassador - Cam Johnson

Cam Johnson

Professional hockey player and NCAA Division 1 National Champion (2016)
AMP Human Performance Ambassador - Miles Clark

Miles Clark

Professional freeskier and mountain guide

Amp Human Ambassador - Todd Wells

Todd Wells

15 National Champion title holder, 3xOlympian, 3x Leadville Trail 100 winner
Amp Human Ambassador - Matt Bigos

Matt Bigos

Former USA Paralympic National Team Member, multi time National Champion
Amp Human Ambassador - Ronnie Delzer

Ronnie Delzer

USATF 100 Mile Trail Champion, Guiness Record Holder for 12 hour treadmill run

AMP Human Performance Ambassador - Janel Holcomb

Janel Holcomb

Optum Pro Cycling 2012-2015 and USA Cycling National Team 2009-2014
AMP Human Performance Ambassador - Curtis Keene

Curtis Keene

Red Bull athlete in enduro mountain biking and 2012 PROGRT Series 4x podium finisher


USA Men's Cycling Team