Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I apply PR Lotion?
Can I still wear sunscreen?
Can I still use embrocation (warming) cream or anti-chafing cream?
Can I wear clothing over PR Lotion?
Can I use PR Lotion for swimming?
What does the lotion feel like?
How early can I apply PR Lotion?
How long does it last? Do I need to reapply?
Should I reapply after my workout?
Can I order product abroad?
Is PR Lotion legal to use in competition?
How do I get the most from PR Lotion in a competition?
Does PR Lotion change my nutrition or hydration needs?
Should I use PR Lotion beyond race day and competitions?
Can children use PR Lotion?
Can I use PR Lotion while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Could I be allergic to PR Lotion?
Will PR Lotion affect my sodium levels?
What are the side effects?
Does PR Lotion build up in my body over time?
What is lactic acid buildup?
What about no pain, no gain? If I feel better during and after workouts, am I still improving?
Does PR Lotion prevent cramping?
What is the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee policy?
Do subscriptions automatically renew?
Can I pause my subscription or skip months?
How can I learn more about my subscription or change it?