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MARCH 8-9, 2019
We were inspired to talk to so many runners, many of whom was their first race for the distance they were running. We were surrounded by families, dogs, and supporters alike cheering them on as they crossed the finish line. During packet pick-up, we were available selling PR Lotion, which we sold to quite a few athletes looking to aid in both how they felt during their run and with their recovery. If you were one of many that benefited from a free sample during our dice game, or purchased a tube and have results you'd like to share, please email us. We would love to share your story!
Half Marathon Women's 1st Place
Autumn Rose Greba
55k Women's 1st Place
Allison Baca
PR Lotion
Glen Canyon Dam Bridge
View of Lake Powell
The trail
PR Lotion
PR Lotion