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I am 52years old and have been running/racing competitively since the age of 10. I use Amp after before and long runs (1+ hours) on my legs and on my entire body before and after Spartan races. It helps immensely with the soreness and I highly recommend it.

Gooey goodness

Keeps the legs from being sore after races and workouts. Not keen on the sticky nastiness but excited for the new formula. #huffisawesome

Next Gen is going to be a game changer! Same amazing results, but no more sticky factor!

Very good

Now I can train with confidence

I always struggled with cramping and leg fatigue on my runs and came to dread the idea of feeling tired during my training sessions. Now I apply APM Human before I go out for my run and I no longer feel fatigued. I love the product and I can't wait to continue to use during my training season

Holy smokes!

This stuff works. Hands down. I use it for not only running but for CrossFit and immediately the difference is felt.

Yes! PR Lotion and CrossFit are a match made in heaven!
Shit really works!!

The Masters Team i race on is using it and love it.

Standard Tube
Awesome product

This cream is a very effective product. You do notice the difference in your performance.

Like a Queen!

Ran hard on Sunday and my legs felt good on Monday. I felt like a queen. I have recommended this to my friends.

Great product even better customer service

Y’all have a great product that has helped me I. Marathons and an Ironman 70.3. I had a shipping issue (forgot Columbus Day was a holiday). I called and your rep helped me find a local place in MD (I was running the Baltimore Marathon). to get more if my package didn’t arrive in time. Luckily my shipment arrived in Los Angeles 35mins before I left for the airport. Thanks for being great!!! and supporting athletes.

Standard Tube


It works

A little goes along way.

Excellent product

At the beginning I did not feel the difference, but after a week using it, everything changed. It is excellent, my arms don't hurt anymore while swimming ( i still have some sore "but hello,it is not magic". I feel i can swim more much. While running and biking same story, i feel i can go and go. 100 recommended. most of my team mates use it.

Awesome product

I’ve used it constantly since receiving my AMP products and it definitely does what it says on the tin.

Less is more!

Your product is Great! Getting 1 or 2 emails a day regarding re-orders is kind of a drag. Can you wait till I use the portion I already bought?


Really helps with recovery. I put it on before a 62 Mile bike ride and had no soreness the day after the ride. My longest ride before this ride was 20 miles. Love it


Use this lotion before and after every moderate to hard workout and am stoked at the quickened recovery time. Will be purchasing again when my current bottles get low!

This stuff is amazing

I ran out. My fighters and I love this stuff.

Love, would purchase again or will watch for other bundles!

Besides using my Amp Human lotion for pretty much any moderate to hard workout (and very much enjoyed the quicker recovery time), I use the towel ALL THE TIME and the swim cap is pretty awesome too! I've had a couple people ask about it at my local pool and I can't wait to try it out open water swimming. Also felt that I got a lot of product for the price, which I really appreciated.

Champion kit from champion brand

Everything was delivered swiftly and the products came out as discerned.

Although the product lotion is thick, application is easy and the results are amazing. I feel I can really push harder when training using AMP Human

Actually works!

I did not think something like would actually work as advertised but after using it just once I am a believer! I don't feel sore now at the beginning or the end of a ride. AMP has allowed me to go faster and for a longer time. I'm totally satisfied!

Either works as advertised or in an incredible placebo

I used this for a 25 hours endurance race in Southern Utah last weekend (nov. 2019). I put it on between laps probably 5 times. I completed 14 laps for 179ish miles and 20000+ vertical feet. This was 3 times my personal longest road ride and 4 times my longest mtb ride. I never cramped up and despite EVERYTHING hurting, my legs felt strong even in the last lap (which was my fastest). I am sore EVERYWHERE, but i don't think anything could have prevented that. But i have lumbar fatigue in the saddle after an hour of riding and I attribute a generous application of AMP PR lotion to my lower back as keeping me in the race all night long. I will be buying some more.

Great product

Game changer

This stuff works definitely feel I can push harder. I was sceptical at first but trust me it works thanks amp human.👍

Does what it says on the tin

Being able to buy it only through US means it doesn’t come cheap..... thanks to trade war but it does what it says on the tin.

Not sure if I would buy again

Great towel

Heavy enough for sweat, but soft enough to clean glasses and small enough to fit in your pocket.