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PR Lotion helps you maximize your workout, do more of what you love, and come back strong the next day–by neutralizing acid in your muscles with bicarb.

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Great stuff

Works awesome
Very impressed


I have been using PR Lotion for months now and LOVE it. It does exactly what they say it does. On days when I ride or run for 2+ hours at a time, which is 5-6 times a week, I apply it 30-60 minutes before I workout and then again after I shower. I’m typically a skeptic about theee types of products so I did quite a few “tests.” Meaning I use it in a variety of ways: 1. Solely prior to a workout for 5 days straight and then not at all for 5 days straight. 2. Not at all for 5 days straight. 3. Before and after a workout for 5 days straight. I could feel a difference between the control groups and the usage periods and during all 3 five day timeframes when I used it I felt a marked difference both during exercise (as far as quLity if my activities and “freshness” of my legs as well as in fighting DOMS. I use PR Lotion before every training session other than recovery days and afterward for all other activities. I am an avid runner and cyclist and can only speak from my experience, but I have to imagine it will work as well for someone who trains less frequently or less intensely than me because each persons definition of intensity differs.

Plus, customer service is GREAT! Mackenzie in particular was/is incredibly helpful and quick to respond. They occasionally have nice sales so it you’re going to go through a large tube every week like me I recommend waiting for a sale and sticking up. Otherwise, try the trail pack. It’s a good deal..

Love it!

Best recovery and performance product out there!


Fantastic customer service, haven’t used products yet but if it matches the standards of customer service I’m sure it will be fantastic


Remarkable improvement


Always cramping during endurance events, I believe I found the answer. Great product. Will be ordering again.

Nooooo way....Ok....YES!!!

I am training for my first Triathlon and I have been aggressive: Running, Cycling and Swimming (3hrs.) 2x week outside of my profession and business as a personal trainer and outdoor fitness/adventure trainer. I was looking for a product that would work WITH my chemical-free, plant-based preferences. I was doing "ok" swimming and running was "fine" but cycling.....doing speed and then grind intervals was grueling!!! I decided to try AMP (saw it in a Cycling magazine) and thought..."why not?"
When I got the first tube I was skeptical....Noooooo way....this is going to help my legs survive 60 mins of hell....then...."OK" let's see what happens....and during class I realized I was still hanging in there and YESSSSS!!! I'm sold!!

Great Product

As a rider that quit riding for about 15 years, getting back in shape has been challenging. I ride with a group of seasoned riders that for the most part have ridden their entire lives. About 6 years ago I got back on a road bike. The first couple of years were brutal with cramps and muscle fatigue on most every ride. Then the soreness the next few days was not fun either. As I slow got stronger I still had difficulty keeping up. About 6 months ago I purchased the PR lotion and on the first ride noticed it seemed to help. Now I would not ride without it. Not only am I able to keep up, but have set several PR's on my Strava. I am still working to get my conditioning better, but the lotion lets me ride faster, longer and with little to no lactic acid pain the day after the ride. Thanks for getting me back in the game, and letting feel part of my riding group.

Best of the Best

Amazing product that works beyond all expectations! Use in both cycling and military fitness.

This stuff works SO well!

I have been skiing for the last 25 years and have struggled with intense lactic acid build up in my legs for as long as I can remember, especially during the first few days out on the slopes making it difficult to ski a long, full day. However, my first two days out this season I applied PR lotion to my quads and have never felt so strong right off the bat. Weather hiking, skiing open bowls or tight trees, I experienced little to no acid buildup over the course of two 8 hour ski days. I started calling this my "magic cream" because for the first time in years, I was able to keep up with everyone in the group and was going harder than anyone else towards the end of the day. I've only tried the PR lotion skiing so far, but seriously can't wait to give it a try this spring/summer for longer hikes and mtb bike rides. If you're a skeptic, give this stuff a try and I bet you will immediate fall in love with it!