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PR Lotion - Standard


PR Lotion helps you maximize your workout, do more of what you love, and come back strong the next day–by neutralizing acid in your muscles with bicarb.

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Helps LT rides and recovery

Dig it! Really does help LT and recovery! Going to be a staple in my cycling protocol !


Great product! I use it before every long ride

Not recieved yet

Still waiting for product

Great product

I was very skeptical at first, now I’m a true believer I’m an avid mountain bike rider and this stuff really works I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends

Good Stuff

Each time I use PR Lotion it feels as though I'm running on air. I know my heart is pumping hard, but my legs never seem to feel it. I used it for the first time during a CrossFit WOD and legs never got nearly as fatigued as before. This needs to be a go-to for any athlete of any sport(s)

Even better than advertised...

Wow, I didn't really know what to expect and basically bought Amp Human's PR Lotion on a whim based on some stuff I'd read online. I am so glad I did! It's made an immediate, trackable result in my performance and recovery. Highly recommended!

This is a real deal review from a very suspicious guy

I heard about Amp PR lotion but sounded too good to be true. However I had a race coming up (Oceanside 70.3) and my training block hadn’t gone ideally so thought I’d try it. I put it on a couple hours before the race start, my shoulders and heavy on my thighs, hamstrings, and calves (btw been having issues with a sore calf for weeks). So how was my race? Let’s see, PR for my bike leg..and btw had plenty left in the tank and a PR on the run. Those who know Oceanside, it’s not an easy bike. Years past it’s the bike (couple very steep climbs) that fried my legs for the run. I simply did not feel as much lactic build up in my legs. Don’t get me wrong I felt the familiar pain building but it never escalated to the point where you slow down. I had plenty of leg left in the latter parts of the bike. So now for the dreaded run... um started the run and felt unusually good. My watch showed a pace that I have never been familiar with post ride in a race. But I knew or suspected that by mile 9 and longer that I would struggle. And yeah I did...I started to struggle and my pace slowed BUT it didn’t stop me which is what has always happened in the past. It was a pain that I could endure. I ended up with an overall PR in all three disciplines for the course and cannot help to think that this product actually lived up to its claims. A rep for Amp told me, you’re gonna burn all your matches at some point but we’re here to provide you a couple more. I truly believe that it did.

I PR the La Marathon

I stopped by the booth at the LA Marathon fitness expo. After talking with guys about the product I bought 2 packets. I used one packet on race day. My goal was under 4hrs. I’m 38 years old and in good shape. I finished at 3:55:06. The legs felt great the whole race. If only this stuff stopped you from hitting the “wall” mentally I would have finished in the 3:45:00 range. Great product y’all!!!!

Sample led to purchase

That helped me to complete my 10K! I am new to running and found this at the expo for the Rock-n-Roll Las Vegas. Needless to say, I will not be running without it again!

purchased AMP

VERY VERY pleased, I've used this in training and my last few cycling races and been so happy that I feel a difference. Thank you for supporting Hagens Berman womens team with this product. I also like the idea of single serves and smaller container.