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Ronnie Delzer
Vantage Point Endurance Run Coach
‘17-’18 USATF 100mi Trail Champion
Guinness Record Holder - 12 Hour Treadmill Run
Ronnie, the current and 2x USATF 100-mile Trail National Champion, has posted two sub-14 hour times at the distance. A speedster both on and off the dirt – and at any distance – Ronnie has his sights fixed on the 2018 edition of the Badwater 135, passing through Death Valley National Park. While navigating a family first lifestyle and full time employment, Ronnie’s unmistakable focus, passion and dedication to running has brought many joys and successes. His new coaching business, Vantage Point Endurance, is trending much the same, with an international client list and quality results pouring in every week.
I apply PR Lotion before and after hard training days and use it during races upwards of 100 miles. With PR Lotion, I can push hard on my workouts and still feel like I have a little more left at the end. It’s definitely a game changer! - Ronnie Delzer